About us


Dry Dock Sports is a family owned and operated store located in central North Dakota. Many folks run into us as they travel up Hwy 281 (US 52) in search of destinations such as Devils Lake, Minot, and to the Canadian Boarder. We are a simple 40 minute trip off of Interstate 94 from the Jamestown truck bypass. Approaching from the south, you will see our large truck billboard in the prarie grasslands about the same time as you notice Carrington's patriotic water tower in the distance. Dry Dock Sports is conveniently located next to the Pizza Ranch on the west side of Highway 281. Dry Dock Sports is a great destination trip with the widest selection of hunting and shooting products for a 100 mile radius.


Once you enter our store you will see that we are a more than just sporting goods! From this location the Carr family also operates four other businesses.

1- C&J Oil is our gas station with bulk services, oil, and convenience items

(Note to self: this is how we typically answer the phones.) 

2- The Dry Dock Sports Location also houses Carr Feeds. Travis sells Hubbard Brand Feeds for pets, livestock, and even wild game. 

3- Additionally, the Carr Family runs a sizable farming and custom spraying operation from this location.

Dry Dock has expanded to take over almost all of the floor space and you wont believe it when you walk in and see how many firearms Dry Dock has.


Travis Carr is the Manager at Dry Dock Sports. We also have a number of wonderful employees, who are knowledgeable and happy to discuss guns, ammo, optics, and accessories. Although we do carry a decent selection of fishing lures, rods, bait, and other fishing gear: our biggest department is the gun section. We boast to have over 1,500 guns on hand at all times- and often even more than that! We handle many different brands such as Ruger, Winchester, Wetherby, Barrett, Marlin, Thompson Center, Smith and Wesson, FNH, Kriss, Glock, Charter Arms, Colt, Sig Sauer, Kimber, Beretta, DPMS, Bushmaster, Keystone Arms, Browning, Stag, Savage, Core 15, Windham Weponry, Rock River and Master Piece Arms just to name a few!!!

Dry Dock stocks many scopes, rings and bases to outfit most any gun you choose too. We charge no additional fees for installation of products as we are happy to provide this service to our customers. Dry Dock Sports also carries a huge supply of ammunition, as well as any other accessories you may be looking for!

Bipods * Shooting Sticks * Targets * Slings * Tactical Accessories * Handgun Safes * Reloading Supplies * Black Powder * Shooting Rests * Gun Cleaning Kits * Vexilars * Holsters * Body Armor * Knives * Binoculars * Range finders * Game/Security Cams * Hunting Scents * Ice Augars * Traps * Blinds * Tree Stands* Spotting Scopes * Pepper Spray * Calls * Fish Houses * Decoys * Archery * AR Accessories * Magazines * Gun Cases * Safety Glasses * and More!

If we do not have what your looking for, you can always ask. We special order items in for people daily and normally can get items you request within 2-3 business days.


Dry Dock has crazy great prices everyday. We are typically one of the lowest priced stores in the state, while still maintaining a high quality experience. We are not a pawn shop- although we do take in used guns on trade!!! Our prices on new and used guns are so low you won't believe it! We pride ourselves on being different from big box stores with a wide variety of guns, ammo, and accessories, fast friendly service, plus great prices!!!

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