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What Do I Need To Buy A Gun

So you see something you want???

Here are a few tips for purchasing a firearm!

1- All Firearm sales are papered: You must be able to pass a Federal NICS background check. 

2- Bring your North Dakota Concealed Carry Permit and/or an Up-To-Date Drivers License. 

***Your ID must match your current address.***

3- If you are coming from any distance and are looking specifically for one thing...

it never hurts to call first and confirm that we have what your after.

Thanks for helping us out by being prepared.




Event Dates:

 Monday August 22 - Saturday August 27


Prepare yourself for a full week of special buys and outrageous prices! Daily Gun and door prize Giveaways, mixed in with all our already low price firearms, plus a sale flyer unlike anything you have ever gotten from a big box store.  Come see what everyone is talking about and make Dry Dock Sports your favorite firearms store - exceeding 2,000 guns in stock.




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Rules and Promotions for Fall Sale 2016


Gun Giveaway rules:

1. Only guns purchased during the week of August 22-27 count for the giveaways.

2. Any gun purchased regardless of cost is an entry.

3. One gun will be given away everyday only to those that bought a gun that day.

4. At the end of the week, ALL entries will be thrown in (even the daily winners) for the bonus gun.

5. There will be a total of 7 guns given away-6 daily guns(1ea-Monday-Saturday) and 1 bonus gun.

For example:

Travis buys a gun on Monday and Thursday. He will have 1 entry for the daily gun on Monday and 1 entry for the daily gun on Thursday. He will have 2 entries in on the bonus gun on Saturday evening.

6. There is no limit on the number of guns you buy or on the number of days .

7. Guns on layaway picked up the week of the sale count as an entry.

8. Guns ordered and paid for in advance the week of the sale will count as an entry.

9. Guns put on layaway or ordered and NOT paid in full by the end of the sale DO NOT count as entries.

10. Customers receiving a "delay" will be entered in the drawings as long as they pay in full before the end of the week.

11. List of guns given away below.

12. Due to the limited quantities on some of the guns we cannot allow holds on some of the sale specials, they will be sold on a first come first serve basis so if the item you want is one with a crazy low price you should attend the sale as early as possible. We will be here Monday at 7AM to begin the sale.


List of Guns Given away:

Monday- Ruger American Farmer Tribute 22lr

Tuesday- ATI GSG-522 22lr

Wednesday- Ruger American rifle .270 Navy Blue Camo

Thursday- Heritage 22lr revolver

Friday- Ruger 10/22 with the BXT Trigger

Saturday- Smith & Wesson Shield in .40 caliber

Bonus Gun: Dry Dock Commemerative Henry Silverboy 22lr one of only made signed by the owner of Henry Firearms





 Purchase giveaway rules:

1. Any purchase made during the week of the sale will count.

2. After making purchase you will be given a receipt which you will put your name and phone number on and throw that in for the prize you wish to win.

3. No limit on number of purchases during the week.


 Giveaways for the purchase prizes:

1. Two 525rd bulk packs of 22lr

2. Logoed merchandise package

3. Large Glock Backpack

4. Gerber Myth hunting knife

5. Nikon 7x35 binocular





Door prizes:

1. No rules!!! Just write your name and phone number on a paper and throw it in the box, we’ll let you know what you won.




Other Specials:

FREE Glock range bag with the purchase of any Glock

Oldest gun DISCOUNT (The 3 guns that have remained in our inventory the longest will be on display at a huge discount and everytime one is sold another will be added so there will always be three on display)

Huge CLOSEOUT section outside under the tent.

Sweatshirts $15 with gun purchase or FREE with purchase of 2 or more guns.

Many unadvertised specials on guns






Class lll Dealer

Dry Dock Sports is a full line dealer of Suppressors, Short Barrel Rifles, and Short Barrel Shotguns. We will stock suppressors from Gemtech, Yankee Hill Manufacturing, Surefire, Silencerco, Liberty, Ruger & More.


The process to obtain these Class 3 items will be similar to that of the paperwork done for a North Dakota Concealed weapons permit.  There is a waiting period of approximately 6 months and store policy will require all orders to have a down payment.   


If you have any questions regarding a NFA Stamp or any of our class 3 products stop in and talk to the guys or call Mike Miller at 652-2421.





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