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We Now Sell High Quality Dog Food


Hubbard® Life Premium Adult Dog Food is a nutrient dense, complete, balanced and soy-free diet for sporting or hunting dogs under hardworking conditions, outdoor dogs in cold climates, dogs recuperating from illness or injury, pregnant or nursing females and stressed dogs that require a specialized source of nutrition.



Hubbard® Life Maintenance dog food is a complete and well balanced dog food for older or less active dogs. A maintenance diet for dogs that are not active on a day-to-day basis. Hubbard Life Maintenance dog food supplies all of the necessary nutrients for good health while providing a diet that is lower in protein, fat and calories.



Travis Carr - Manager at Dry Dock Sports, is proud to announce he is the new local dealer for Hubbard Feeds. After years of consideration, he decided to get into the feed business as it ties in well with our customer base.  We are an ag based community and we want to help make life simpler for our valuable livestock, wild game, and backyard farmers- with quality feed options. Hubbard lines blend well with Dry Dock as we now carry dog food, game bird feed, and deer feeds and bait corn.  Further more, we are able to service customers who have cattle and livestock operations, dairy farms, and even hobby farmers with a few hogs, sheep or chickens.  Hubbard feeds also offers pet foods.  Our regular stock will include cat and rabbit food but we can special order almost any pet feed you are searching for, including chinchilla. So next time your in, ask about why you should switch brands.  Travis can show you how Hubbard stacks up against almost all major competitors. In most cases Hubbard feeds can provide better nutrition to your beloved pets and more profitability to your livestock operations. 


Ask how Hubbard is right for you!!!


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Did you know that Dry Dock Sports does appraisals?  Over the last number of years we have had the opportunity to do a number of appraisals. Our requests have came from area auctioneers, private individuals, firearms collectors, lawyers in divorce cases, families doing estate planning, and insurance agents

 How do we arrive at our Fair Market Value for clients?

There is not much Travis has not seen over his crazy 15 years as the Dry Dock Store manager. We buy, sell, and trade arms on a daily basis. Our dollar values in appraisals are fair market value based on trends, online sales, in-store sales, and our teams professional experience in the gun business over the last 30 years. Travis has the skills necessary to identify all types of arms, he notes the condition of each firearm, and is capable of doing any necessary research to get an accurate price even on the rarest guns. Additionally, Travis is also a cartridge collector and knife enthusiast which has lead him to be just as knowledgeable about collectible ammunition and knives. If you are looking to have this type of work done on a collection, contact Travis at Dry Dock Sports today. Let him answer your questions and offer you our quality on site appraisal services at a reasonable price. 






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